An open letter to Professor Seth Llyod MIT


Published December 23, 2017 at 10:44 PM

Here's an e-mail I'll be sending to Professor Seth Llyod, MIT after posting this on my site of random notes.

Hi Professor Lloyd,

I listen to Big Picture Science on podcast while traveling the vast expanses of Alaska. I've heard you on there a couple/few times. Last night while out climbing around on icebergs and waiting to photograph the Northern Lights I was listening to an old one called "Quantum: Why We Want `Em". I came up with a theory but I'm just a curious guy out in the remotes of Alaska. I don't know what the current thoughts out there are, if this is an established theory already. But I came up with this reasoning, forgive me if any or all of this is obvious, or just plain stupid.

With the electron taking "an infinite number of paths."

A bit ago I was listening to another Big Picture Science about time and time travel. I got the lightbulb that how clear it is that we only exist in "Now." Even in saying "now" you're dealing with future, present, and past. While it may seem like the whole time used saying "now" means now, it's really looking at a moment of time, and not actual now. Now is a point, not a moment or span of points. Our ability to control direction in time is 0 dimensional? It's simply a point. It's a point in which we have no power to move through and it spans nothing.

We understand time as a line. So we have a one dimensional understanding of time. We can comprehend the there is a past and future, that the now point travels along that x time axis.

My theory is maybe time is also two or three dimensional. But just as a entity on a two dimensional plane would have no concept of the z axis, neither are we aware of the y or z axis for time?

With the electron taking an infinite number of paths and it not being there until we look, is possibly because the electron is traveling on the y or z axis of time and it isn't until we look that we are seeing it cross our x time axis... Does that make sense? I'm thinking just as there's spatial dimension, possibly there is time dimension, but time itself is multidimensional in its own. So while we live are conscious of the third spatial dimension, we are only conscious of the first time dimension...

I'm well out of my field here, but would appreciate feedback from someone who actually knows this stuff. Thanks ---Zach

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