GoPro Hero 3Plus Black Edition


Published November 1, 2013 at 7:13 PM

First off wanted a GoPro for years just never justified picking one up. Finally picked one up it's pretty sweet.

Opening your GoPro:

There are little tabs on the side of the plastic display box. Pull those out. It's a bit easier than attacking the box from the bottom like I ended up doing.

The manual inside is straight forward one putting your battery and memory card in.

Connecting your GoPro to the GoPro App:

On your GoPro's menu get under wireless and choose GoPro App. On your cell phone go to your settings and choose your GoPro's network. The default password is "goprohero". Then go back and open up the app on your phone or tablet. Once you're connected and back in the app you can rename your network and change your password.

It's a pretty slick setup. It gives you 'live' preview of what your GoPro is seeing. I quote live cause there is a bit of lag. But it's sweet how you can change all your settings right from the phone with a nice menu system in the app.

Well that's all I got for now. But I'm super excited.