Killer asteroids


Published January 4, 2013 at 2:09 PM

The background

So driving around Fairbanks today listening to Science Friday on NPR and they were talking about asteroids. Then a caller calls in and starts talking about an asteroid that's suppose to pass very close to the earth. As he's "umm"ing trying to recall a date, he's about to say when and then the radio station cuts out. Not goes slients but is down and all you hear is static. Other stations are fine but all I get from this one is static. It was pretty funny but at the same time it made me think maybe.... something is being hidden from the public. I never jump into concluding but I jump into assuming possibilities.

I got out of the car and when in the store to do some shopping. When I got back in the car about 10mins later a new show was on. True it was a little after 12 so a new show was scheduled to be on by that time. When I got home I did a little looking.

The conclusion

NASA says this big old one (320 meters wide) is going to pass super close (18,600 miles (7% lunar distance, nearly 13 times closer than the moon)) and "... to the naked eye--wow! No one in recorded history has ever seen an asteroid in space so bright." Now it may pass super close and be a good show. If that's the case I don't want to wait 16yrs to watch it. On the other hand if they thought it was going to hit us would they tell us so people have 13 years to go crazy, cause what does it matter if the world is going to end? On the other hand it might be calculated to honestly just pass us but, but as the chaos theory or Monty Python states "No one ever expects the spanish inquisition." Some unseen variable could change things up at the last minute.

Other of note

My friend who I related this story to, found asteroid 2012 DA14 (online not through a telescope.) an asteroid coming up next month. Also predicted not to hit us.

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