New Microsoft XBox - XBox One


Published May 21, 2013 at 10:30 AM

I'm watching the release for the new Xbox. Here's what they got:

Opening with a commercial about making the XBox more personal. With voice reconginiton and personaliztion of settings where the XBox knows what you like.

Presentation by Don Mattrick. Speaking on the history of the XBox, XBox 360 and Kinect. Moving to modern use of consoles. The focus hac been making the new XBox the center of the entertainment of the home.

Yusuf Mehdi speaks next about the features of XBox One.

"XBox On" voice command will turn on your XBox and log you in to your profile with your voice. "XBox go home" brings you back to the home menu. Voice commands instantly take you from feature to feature. Games, tv, music, and so on.

Snap mode allows you to multi task with different windows / panels.

XBox one can also be interacted with your smart phone. (Probably Windows phone)

8 Gigs Ram, Blu Ray, 8 core CPU. Comes with new Kinect sensor.

New XBox Live powered by over 300,000 servers. In game DVR. Better match making. Living worlds option in game development.

Andrew Wilson from EA. Not much of a sports gamer so not really listening.