Sounds like water in my ear but there is none


Published January 12, 2013 at 3:13 PM

First off this was an issue a couple months ago. I was just thinking about it. It drove me crazy so I thought I would post this incase someone had the same problem.

The Problem

For the last few weeks it sounds like water in my ear but there is no water in my ear. They are dry.

The Solution

I spent a lot of time on Google. One person said they had a small hair in their ear, it turns out I was in the same boat. I tried the Q-tip routine but no luck, so then I tried the method my mother use on us kids. Bobby pins. Soon after I started I pulled out a blonde hair about 1 inch long that had some how worked its way off my hear and down my ear canal.


Sticking anything in your ear can cause serious permanent ear damage. See a doctor or do so at your own risk.

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