The Four Dimensions of Time


Published December 24, 2017 at 8:40 AM

Hello again Professor Lloyd,

Laying in bed this morning I was trying to get a better grasp on the dimensions of time and what they would be. I present the following;

0 - The now point

1 - X plane - the conventional timeline as we know it

2 - Y plane (the Barry Allen/Quicksilver plane) - This is where I think quantum entanglement maybe occurring. My theory on this is that "things" can only move at a certain pace. So if direction shifts off the X plane across the Y plane conventional time seems to slow down. If one were to halt moving along the X plane and say take a 90 degree turn and only move along the Y plane special (*typo, spatial) dimensional progression would cease and it would appear as if time stood still, as in this scene from X-Men . Logically things progress at the rate they do in conventional time and the only way for Quicksilver to observe things at such a slow rate is to move across the Y plane of time. So in essence he's not moving fast (and not combusting), he's simply moving across the Y plane of time. I think the electrons mentioned in the last e-mail are also traveling along the time Y plane.

3 - Z plane (the multiverse) - I'm guessing you're familiar with the multiverse so I don't need to explain that. But it seems logical to me that this would be the explanation of the multiverse.

Once again please let me know your thoughts. Have a Merry Christmas ---Zach

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