Using GoPro Studio


Published November 2, 2013 at 9:39 PM

Using GoPro studio is simple and straight forward as long as you do everything.

I spent all afternoon trying to upload videos or open them in editors to no prevail. Messages like data rate is too highand unsupported format. I was cutting out the last steps and it gave me a headache.

When you open GoPro Studio you find Step 1 Import & Convert that's all easy; Then you click the Convert All button when you're finished choosing your settings. When they're done converting You must click "Proceed to Step 2". I was cutting out there thinking I didn't want to edit anything I just wanted it rendered, but that doesn't work.

When you're in Step 2, you must drag your clip to the time line. You can click Step 3 Export from there then you choose what best needs how you're going to use your footage. And that's it!


That's the bare minium to get your GoPro videos to post. You can do more. But you must do that for it to work.